Tony has done it all show-biz wise. He started off by running a popular UK Disco roadshow and progressed to become resident DJ at a number of Nightclubs. He has also been a compere on the cabaret circuits and has introduced top bands at pop festivals and on the Soul Train TV Show.  Tony's radio career began on Hospital Radio, then popular landbased pirates such as JFM, LWR & Skyline Radio with breakfast shows.  After a spell with Radio Sovereign International on the Italian Riviera (now Riviera Radio in Monaco), Music Power Radio in Ireland, Radio Thamesmead and RTM fm, Tony first joined Radio Caroline on board the Ross Revenge in the North Sea during 1985.  Some years later Tony resumed his radio career with Radio Caroline from the land based Maidstone studios from where the station broadcast in the early 2000's. He is currently producing excellent shows on Radio Caroline Flashback every Saturday morning from 10am-midday.  Tony has also worked on a number of local stations in the UK, WBCQ in the USA, Vibe FM in Ireland and Radio Seagull in Holland.


Dawn has always been much in demand  for her voice overs & jingle making ability.Dawn worked on Telstar South, a Sunday night landbased station on 92.8FM, as well as doing Shows she replied to the many letters & phone calls.Dawn also worked on RFL, a popular rock station. She enjoyed hospital radio work too at WHBS,now Meridian Radio in SE London, who would dearly like her to return. Dawn is now excited to be part of her fave station from the past,TNI, and says its a real honour to be involved.



In the early 2000's Tony produced & presented his own very popular TNI CLASSIC ROCK radio station which was incredibly well received.  Now in 2017 TNI IS BACK!    Click on the PLAY button to listen !














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